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1. 903T Instructional media technology at St. Anthony's College, San Jose, Antique: its application and proposed training Deza, Cynthia P.
2. 1052D Municipal ordinances in the Cordillera Administrative Region 1998-1999 Gallente, Ignacio Genesis L.
3. 1076D Magindanawon upland rice farming sustainability in selected areas of Cotabato province Adam, Zainudin M.
4. 1082T The motivations of graduate students at Southwestern University, Cebu City Elnar, Emelda B.
5. 1094T Evaluation on the potential of acetes shrimp sauce by-product as ingredient for nile tilapia ( Oreoc Babilonia, Delia R.
6. 1145T The Relevant Education and Services for Community Upliftment and Empowerment (RESCUE) program of Eastern College, Inc Fanglayan, Remedios F.
7. 1160SP Biogas production for domestic application Amiscaray, Jesus G. Jr.
8. 1245T Comparative in vitro antibacterial activity of volatile oils of for species against hospital-acquired clinical isolates Dela Rosa, Estrella P.
9. 1254T The micromycoflora from soil samples in Pit-os,Talamban and Banilad, Cebu City with notes on their e Awa, Anthony L.
10. 1257T The management and operations of Notre Dame of Marbel University- Employees Savings and Loans Association( NDMU-ESLA) Feca, Coronacion L.
11. 91AR Enhancing learning of cellular respiration through reflective journal writing Chavez, Eva Grace B.
12. 137AR Data analysis using simplified statistics for beginners Cartagena, Rhodora
13. 1509D Pre-service teachers' pedagogical content knowledge on problem-solving heuristics and mathematics: bases for curricular enhancement Yap, Catherine Ang
14. 635D Science & technology capabilities of public secondary schools in Western Visayas: their association to students' knowledge and attitude Clavel, Regina P.
15. 1464D Factors associated with the attributes and practices of high-performing secondary mathematics teachers Fuentespina, Harold C.
16. 1619D Conceptions of giftedness among Visayans: basis for the development of an assessment tool Consebit, Sherbet H
17. 1382D Development and use of instructional modules on selected topics in Study and Thinking Skills in English Celis, Virgilia Parian
18. 1481D A glimpse of Pisay history through oral history as an instructional methodology in teaching social science 1 Cerbo, Carlito Jr. A.
19. 1409D, 1420D Productivity as influenced by organizational politics, empowerment, negotiating potential and organizational ideology Calimpong, Rowena B.
20. 846D Managerial performance as influenced by entrepreneurial traits & mentoring attributes among academic department chairpersons Causing, Virgilia B.
21. 844D Correlates to managerial performance among school administrators Convocar, Jeremias L.
22. 1416D Reading behavior, reading grade, and reading levels as correlatives of teaching preparedness Cadiz, Lucy L.
23. 848D Faculty's frustration-coping strategies and work-change adaptability as influenced by their motivational needs Frac, Rosa F.
24. 1638D Personal variables, comprehension of the four bioethics principles, and convictions towards bioethics issues: a path analysis Figueras, Jeannemar Genevive Y.
25. 1381D The WVSU English Language Program: an assessment De la Llana, Leilah D.
26. 810D Creative dramatics : a strategy for English communication skills development De la Rosa, Ninfa P.
27. 516D Management style, performance and effectiveness of librarians in state institutions of learning in Western Visayas Divinagracia, Delia P.
28. 1276D Organizational commitment and effectiveness as related to human relations orientation and social justice awareness Delariate, Gabriel C.
29. 1001D Problem-based learning: its effects on the students' problem -solving ability and social skills Demavibas, Georgia D.
30. 593D Academic preparedness, problems, and career expectations among WVCST student teachers: their relationship to internship performance Duran, Fe L.
31. 637D The effectiveness of TESDA as influenced by familiarity and attitude among the program implementors in Western Visayas Fale, Maybelle F.
32. 874D Development of an English language achievement test for sixth graders in public elementary schools Torrento, Lilibeth G.
33. 478D Paglinang ng pagsusulit sa Filipino para sa mga mag-aaral na di-Tagalog sa unang taon sa kolehiyo Espina, Bibiana C.
34. 872D Agenda new Sagrado 2000: a paradigm shift. Fajutrao, Nancy Japsay
35. 1334D The CPU Henry Luce III Library: its's extent of use, and role in individual and professional development Estember, Melda L.
36. 1503D Self-regulated learning and students' achievement in Biological Science Gomez, Maricel Aguila
37. 1482D Creativity, self-efficacy, anxiety, and problem-solving performance of the potential mathematically gifted Camarista, Genesis G.
38. 1602D Pre-service teachers' mathematical competencies and understanding of Physics problem solving using multi-dimensional approach Gabasa, Chive Gallego
39. 998D Mathematics anxiety, attitude and coping mechanism : their influence in the teaching performance of pre-serving teachers Go, Belinda M.
40. 850D Self-esteem : it's influence on time management pattern, work commitment and teacher performance Gasalao, Santiaga B.
41. 1388D Perspectives in complementary and alternative medicine Gareza, Balintawak S.
42. 949D Behavioral consequences of substance use as influenced by stress among college students Gomez, Grace Eligio
43. 843D The Social Studies program in the public secondary schools in Bacolod City : an evaluation Garcia, Flordeliza G.
44. 1570D The Marine transportation program of John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation : an initial evaluation Eler, Geneva Madera
45. 942D Instructional goals and classroom management strategies : their Influence on the teaching practices among the faculty of selected Higher Education Institutions Facinabao, Alex B.
46. 910D Students' appraisal of instruction : basis for Five-Year Development Plan Gasapo, Francis B.
47. 630D Correlates of students' achievement in science and technology Galedo, Nenie M.
48. 1502D Nursing students' conceptual understanding and problem solving skills in Anatomy and Physiology Gigare, Judy E.
49. 849D Multiple intelligences centers : tools for the enhancement of oral communication skills proficiency of ECE children Geroche, Ma. Corazon D.
50. 552D Avocation, ethical concepts, and cultural orientation among personnel of an educational community : implications to school management Evidente, Lorna B.