Instructional media technology at St. Anthony's College, San Jose, Antique:

Sub Title: its application and proposed training

Author: Deza, Cynthia P.

Accession Number: 903T

Class No: 371.335

Author No: D534

Copyright Year: 1994


The study attempted to investigate the application of instructional media technologies by the college faculty based on their educational preparation, attitudes towards instructional media and the provision of these technologies by St. Anthony's College with the view of designing a pertinent training program. The research covered part-time and full-time faculty from the newest hire to the most senior. Data sources were the questionnaires, checklists, classroom observation appraisal, ocular examination of recorded and unrecorded media in the library and the library record of media provision and use. It was found that the faculty's educational preparation, years of teaching experience and attitudes toward instructional media technologies did not greatly affect utilization of media materials. Availability, accessibility, knowledge and skill of application of media characteristics and capacities determined the extent of media utilization. There was more traditional media provided and utilized than the technologically advanced media. To enhance the teaching-learning process at the college, the researcher suggests that a functioning media center with an organized staff, collection and facilities be provided and that the proposal for faculty training in planning, production and application of instructional media be implemented.

Keywords: Instructional Media Technology, Media Technology, Teaching Strategy


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