The micromycoflora from soil samples in Pit-os,Talamban and Banilad, Cebu City with notes on their e

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Author: Awa, Anthony L.

Accession Number: 1254T

Class No: 987-65-4329

Author No: 1

Copyright Year: 1995


"Soil samples from four ecological sites such as garden, compost pit, grassland and piggery soils were collected from three stations established in Pit-os, Talamban and Banilad Cebu City. Sampling in January, March and May 1994 were utilized for isolation of soil borne micromycoflora using sireal dilution. Plate culture technique with Saboraund Agar and Corn Meal Agar media and temperature, PH, moisture content, organic matter content and available phosphorus and potassium were determined using standard methods. Twenty two micromycofloral species isolate belonged to two classes, two orders, three families and eight genre. Genus Aspergillus had the most abundant species isolated. Other genera isolated were Penicilium, Mucor, Rhizopus, Syncephalastrum, isolated species were also noted. The relationship of the physico-chemical parameters and fungal composition in total number of isolated species were determined using simple regression analysis. Soil pH had inverse relationship with fungal composition on the different ecological sites were compared using one way ANOVA. Analysis revealed no significant difference in the micro mycofloral composition of different ecological sites."

Keywords: Soil samples, Micromycoflora


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