The management and operations of Notre Dame of Marbel University- Employees Savings and Loans Association( NDMU-ESLA)

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Author: Feca, Coronacion L.

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Copyright Year: 1994


"The study is conducted to determine the status of the Notre Dame University - Employee Savings and Loan Association (NDMU-ESLA) from the time it started its operation Specifically the study sought to answer the following questions 1. What is the status of the Association (NDMU-ESLA) considering the following aspects? 1..1 Capital Structure 1.2 Management System and operations Policies 1.3 Decision Making Process? 2. What economic and Social benefits were derived by the members of the associations.? 3. What is the financial position of the association in terms of its solvency and liquidity. 4. How are decisions made with reference to 4.1 Loans and credit policies 4.2 benefits 4.3 deposits 4.4 membership 4.5 salary Significance of the Study The study was chosen for the following reason; firstly, there was no formal study made to evaluate the organized organization from the time it started its operation to present; secondly, there is a need for information on the status of its operation, specifically, on the financial standing of the association and benefits derived by the members; thirdly, to help the officers of the associations in attaining their aim strengthening the capital structure management system and operation policies, as well as in their decision- making process. Further, the result of the study will guide the officer and member in envisioning the conversion of the association to a cooperative."

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