Science & technology capabilities of public secondary schools in Western Visayas:

Sub Title: their association to students' knowledge and attitude

Author: Clavel, Regina P.

Accession Number: 635D

Class No: 987-65-4329

Author No: C

Copyright Year: 1997


The study aimed to determine the laboratory, instructional, and supervisory capabilities of public secondary schools in Western Visayas during the school year 1996-1997. It likewise aimed to ascertain the association of the schools capabilities with the students' attitude towards science and knowledge in the subject. The descriptive-corelational research made use of a researcher made instrument -- Achievement Test, Attitude Scale, Teacher Performance Rating Scale, Supervisory Rating Scale, and Facilities Inventory Checklist to gather the data needed. The randomly selected sample schools were chosen using proportionate sampling technique. There were three groups of participants involved-- 400 senior secondary students, 144 S & T teachers, and 40 department heads/school heads. The students' knowledge were based on their scores in gathered were tallied and analyzed employing the mean, standard deviation, t-test, and Pearson r. All inferential statistics were set at .05 alpha. Statistical computation was computer-processed using the SPSS software. The study found out that the senior students of the public secondary schools in Western Visayas had a positive attitude towards S & T; the students in the funded schools had poor S & T knowledge while those in non-funded schools had good S & T knowledge; and all the schools in the study had fairly satisfactory laboratory facilities. The laboratory equipment and audio visual equipment in the non- funded schools were fairly satisfactory while those in the funded schools, the laboratory equipment were fairly satisfactory and the audio visual equipment were poor. The instructional and supervisory capabilities of both the funded and the n-n-funded schools were satisfactory. The students' attitude towards S & T significantly and positively correlated with their knowledge, laboratory facilities, laboratory equipment and audio visual equipment. The same relationships existed between instructional and supervisory capabilities. Only in the students' S & T knowledge where the non-funded schools differed significantly from the funded schools.

Keywords: Science, Technology, Science & technology capabilities, Public Secondary Schools in Western Visayas


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