Managerial performance as influenced by entrepreneurial traits & mentoring attributes among academic department chairpersons

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Author: Causing, Virgilia B.

Accession Number: 846D

Class No: 987-65-4329

Author No: C

Copyright Year: 2001


This descriptive-correlational study determined the influence of entrepreneurial traits and mentoring attributes on the managerial performance of academic chairpersons in the institutions of higher learning in Iloilo City. Thirty-two (32) randomly selected academic department chairpersons responded to the three data-gathering instrument--the Entrepreneurial Rating Scale (Tucker and Harris, 1992), the Mentor scale (Bell, 1997), and the rating scale on the Managerial Performance of Academic Department Chairpersons of U.P. Los Banos (in Ables, 1996). The third instrument was also fielded to the 200 randomly selected faculty members. Means, standard deviations, ranks, the t-test for independent samples, the One-Way Analysis of Variance, and the stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis were employed in the analysis of the data gathered. Alpha level was set at .05. Results revealed that, generally, the academic department chairpersons had ''outstanding'' managerial performance, had ''average'' entrepreneurial traits, and had ''low'' mentoring attributes. As to entrepreneurial traits, ''creativity'',''drive and desire'' and ''confidence'' and ''self-discipline'' were least dominant. As to mentoring attributes, ''sociability'' and ''openness'' were likewise dominant among them, while ''dominance'' was least dominant. The academic department chairpersons did not differ significantly in their managerial performance, entrepreneurial traits and mentoring attributes when grouped as to certain categories. Academic rank was a significant predictor of the academic department chairpersons` managerial performance. Highest educational attainment, number of years in present position, prior work experience, training in educational management, and academic rank were significant predictors of their mentoring attributes.

Keywords: Managerial performance, Academic Department Chairpersons, Entrepreneurial Traits, Mentoring Attributes, Management Styles


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